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By 2018, nearly two-thirds of all American jobs will require a post-secondary certificate or degree. Yet the Coachella Valley remains well below national averages. 
  • Roughly 75% of students who graduate from the three valley school districts cannot meet grade requirements to enter the University of California and California State University systems.
  • More than 95% of all students entering COD require remediation in reading, writing and math before they can begin taking classes that count toward certification or getting their degree. 
  • Among COD students, 84% are first generation to attend college and face unique challenges and obstacles to completing tier education and career goals. Click here to learn more about First-In-Family students at COD.

We can and must do better –
For our students and for our community. 

COD Foundation is taking bold steps to create or support programs and services directly linked to increasing student certification or graduation at College of the Desert. You can make a difference in the lives of students and in the direction our community will follow into the future. 


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The College's Student Success Initiatives will: 

  • Provide Scholarships, Books, Childcare & Transportation
  • Expand Tutoring, Skills Building, Boot Camp & High School Outreach
  • Develop Jobs Support Center for Internships, On-Campus
    Jobs & Job Placement
The healthy, vibrant and successful communities of tomorrow 
without doubt will be communities with an educated workforce with the skills and knowledge to support businesses and industry. 
Business and community leaders have sounded the alarm that our valley cannot compete if we cannot produce a more educated workforce.

We Know What Works

Unfortunately, the solutions are the most underfunded.

Below you'll find information and feature stories relating to just a few of the successful programs and services found within COD's Student Success Initiatives.

Click here to see how we are expanding our scholarships to provide support in students lives where they need it most


Click here to see how new and expanded academic recourses, like one of the College's most successful programs EDGE, are helping students stay on track and graduate sooner. 


Click here to see how students can benefit from working on campus, or in jobs and internships that expose them to their chosen careers. Soon a new one-stop work and careers solutions center will help students be better prepared to enter  the workforce in in-demand jobs. 



Your donation to COD Foundation will help COD's Student Success Initiatives designed to support, engage and improve the chances of student success.



If you would like to discuss opportunities to support work study at COD, contact the COD Foundation today at 760-773-2561 or