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Childcare at COD

Longtime Friends and Donors
Of COD Foundation, 
Patrick & Edeltraud McCarthy
“To get your education, there’s a lot of hurdles to jump. You don’t want to have a hurdle that you can’t find a baby sitter,”
Patrick McCarthy said.
“The students, I feel, have a place to bring their children. Students don’t have to worry about it. Their children are taken care of in a very, very good way,”
Edeltraud McCarthy added.


McCarthy Family
Child Development & Training Center

The McCarthy Center is a critically important student support program underfunded by the state that is made possible by funding provided by the local community.

Affordable Childcare For Students Who Are Parents 

The McCarthy Center serves children of students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Students must be able to be confident that during their classroom hours that their children are in a safe, supportive environment. Hence, childcare assistance is essential.

A Growing Waiting List

Up to 120 families and over 140 children ages 0 to 5 are served at the licensed and fully accredited center each semester. The Center offers a curriculum that prepares students for kindergarten and supports academic learning for the school-aged population as well. Approximately 85% of the children served are COD students who remain our number one priority. At any given time, there may be as many as 80-85 children on the waiting list, as the need for on campus childcare continues to grow.

East Valley Campus Has No Childcare

For students attending the COD East Valley Campus there is no access to on-campus childcare. The lack of access to childcare can be a significant barrier to enrollment and completion. The College is seeking funds to develop a permanent or contracted service which will allow access to affordable childcare on-campus for east valley students.


Mentoring Program At McCarthy Center

College of the Desert's Early Childhood Education Program works with the McCarthy Center and the California Early Childhood Mentor Program to provide resources and support to aspiring and experienced teachers and administrators in programs serving children birth to five and before- and after-school programs. Through Federal and local funding the Mentor Program offers student teaching lab placement sites for COD students and technical assistance to existing or aspiring early childhood program directors.