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Foundation Team

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Foundation Team

John Mosser Staff Picture

John Mosser, Ph.D.

Executive Director
Office: (760) 773-2561
Cell: (419) 429-2437

Kippy LaFlame Staff Picture

Kippy Laflame

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Office: (760) 773-2561
Direct: (760) 862-1380

Liz Chambers Staff Picture

Lizabeth Chambers

Philanthropic Advisor
Office: (760) 773-2561
Cell: (760) 409-5024

Kirstien Renna Staff Picture

Kirstien Renna

Foundation Accountant
Office: (760) 773-2561
Direct: (760) 776-7228
Cell: (417) 230-8363

Peter Sturgeon Staff Picture

Peter Sturgeon

Director of Development, Annual Giving

Christine Villas Staff Picture

Christine Villas

Interim Database Manager
Office: (760) 773-2561
Cell: (847) 644-3227