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An Economic Boost

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Our local economic footprint.

At the CVEP Summit you heard some of the ways College of the Desert serves as an economic engine for the region.

As COD President, Dr. Kinnamon, mentioned there are four ways the business community can participate, engage and help shape the future when it comes to higher education opportunities and workforce development. 


We invite you to: 

  1. Take a tour of the Palm Desert Campus
  2. Participate in a focus group to help us shape the jobs center

  3. Share your support with a donation to our annual campaign

  4. And join our President’s Circle


Click the form to the right and let us know
how you would like to be a part of COD,
our mission and vision and the future
workforce development in the valley.


College of the Desert is one of the region's largest employers and we have a significant economic impact on local businesses valleywide.

Full results from our most recent economic impact report will be posted soon. However, here are some of the highlights from early results:
  • Overall operation impact $302.8 million in FT 2013-14.
  • COD employed 655 full-time and part-time employees in FY 2013-14.
  • The net impact of college payroll and expenses in the Coachella Valley during the analysis year was approximately $50.5 million in GRP.
  • The accumulated contribution of former students currently employed in the regional workforce amounted to $243.1 million in GRP during the analysis year.