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Good for California

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We all benefit.

An estimated 95% of COD students remain in California and contribute to economic growth. Students who enter the workforce expand the tax base by generating higher earnings and reducing social costs.

Benefits to students obtaining a community college education level includes:

  • Higher student earnings and associated increases in property income generate about $5.1 million in added tax revenue each year.
  • State and local government will save approximately $259,700 in avoided social costs each year, including savings associated with improved health, lower costs of law enforcement, and fewer welfare claimants.
  • State and local government allocated about $69.4 million in support of COD in FY 2008-09. For every dollar appropriated by state and local government to COD, taxpayers will see a return with a cumulative added value of $1.40 in the form of higher tax revenues and avoided social costs.
  • State and local government will receive a rate of return of 5.1% on their investments in COD.