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On-Campus Solutions


Student Success Works On-Campus

The Solutions kiosk was a concept and instruction plan of Dr. Kelly Hall, Associate Professor of Business (pictured above, second from right) and Robert Holmes, Professor of Business. This unique campus store opened in 2011 in front of the math building next to the Pollock Theater on the Palm Desert campus of COD. The kiosk is run 100% by students. 

“If you want to learn to swim, you may read a book on swimming.  You may listen to a lecture on swimming.  But you cannot learn to swim until you actually get into the water!" That's according to Dr. Hall in describing the role Solutions provides as a place for students to put business concepts and learning into practices.

Participating students plan, organize, operate, staff and manage the kiosk as a real start-up business; each semester represents an entire business life-span. Students receive school credit for the work, and revenue generated sustains the kiosk and helps provide money for general student scholarship assistance.

The Solutions kiosk not only helps engage the students in learning business concepts, but successfully provides students with a chance to get their hands on a real business and control everything from merchandising, accounting, scheduling, inventory, and marketing. 

Hall explains, “We are teaching our students to bake cakes, design marketing logos, grow produce, draw architectural plans and more. But that is only part of the equation. The other part is actually knowing how to make money with your education and skill.”
Solutions has a wide variety of products for students, faculty and staff including snacks, pastries, chips, cookies, sodas, lunches, and school supplies and more. 
Be sure to check out Solutions next time you’re on campus. Better yet, the Solutions kiosk is a stop on the tour COD Foundation provides of the Palm Desert campus. Here is the schedule for tours conducted by COD Foundation.