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Foundation Leadership

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COD Foundation Executive Committee

Mark Nickerson

Robert Archer
Vice President

Suz Hunt
Treasurer, Finance & Investment Chair

Brian Holcombe
Secretary, Nominating Chair

Joel L. Kinnamon, Ed.D.
Superintendent/President –
College of the Desert

Becky Broughton
Board of Trustees Chair –
College of the Desert

Charles Monell, M.D.

Jan Harnik
Academic Angels President

Peggy Sue Lane
Resource Development Chair

Larry Spicer
Audit Chair

Lisa Howell
VP, Administrative Services –
College of the Desert

Peggy Cravens
Sally Simonds

Planned Giving Co-Chairs

Diane Marcus Gershowitz
JoAnn McGrath
Stepping Out for COD Event Co-Chairs

Kate Spates
President’s Circle Chair

Donna Jean Darby
Immediate Past President

COD Foundation Directors

John J. Benoit
Joan Busick
Norma Castaneda
William S. Chunowitz
Anna Davies
Carol Bell Dean
Marge Dodge
Kelly Hall
Donna MacMillan
Robert C. Manion
Dan Martinez
Penny Mason
Jane Saltonstall, Ed.D.
Arlene Schnitzer
Dominique Shwe
Sally Simonds
Marcia Stein

Executive Director

James E. Hummer

College of the Desert Trustees 

Becky Broughton, Chair
Bonnie Stefan, Ed.D., Vice Chair

Michael O’Neill
Mary Jane Sanchez-Fulton
Aurora Wilson

Student Trustee
Eleanor Campbell


College of the Desert Leadership

Joel L. Kinnamon, Ed.D.
Superintendent/President, College of the Desert

Lisa Howell
VP, Administrative Services

Anna Davies
Executive VP,
Student Success and Learning

Diane Wirth
Interim Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations