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The Pledge



One Year Tuition-Free at COD for Graduating High School Seniors

College of the Desert (COD) is launching a tuition-free Pledge program guaranteeing one-year scholarships for all incoming freshmen graduating from local high schools in 2017. #ThePLEDGEatCOD, #CODproud
Applicants must apply for all eligible state and federal financial aid, including FAFSA and Cal Grants. Counselors and financial aid staff will help guide students through the process.
The College has secured the funds to launch this important program and will look to partner with others in order to secure future years as well as to expand the program to include other costs that are also a significant challenge for students, such as books, transportation and childcare. 

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That’s where you come in. COD Foundation would like ask for your help and support to insure this incredible opportunity is available for next year's senior classes, and the next, and the next.
The PLEDGE program at COD is part of College of the Desert's continued pledge to the community to provide quality higher education opportunities for everyone. In this case, PLEDGE targets increasing the college-going levels of Coachella Valley high school graduates. 
The PLEDGE guarantees one year of free “tuition” to all graduating high school seniors who would like to attend COD full-time starting in Fall 2017.
“We do not want cost to keep students from pursuing their education,” stated Joel L. Kinnamon, Ed.D., COD Superintendent/President. “We know that an education makes a difference for each student, their families, our community and our economy.”
Students who qualify will be asked to make a pledge of their own. 
Students pledge to: 
  • Maintain full-time enrollment,
  • Complete required work experience or community service,
  • Maintain their academic performance.



You’ll be taken to the COD Website for more information and to apply.

In the weeks ahead, we will be making more formal announcements about the program, eligibility requirements and pledge details. We expect PLEDGE will open the door for many students who previously lacked any hope for higher education. 
The program removes the economic barriers to the first year of college while providing critical guidance, skills and support that is essential to achievement of individual educational and career goals. Your donation helps our local students advance and with them our commiunity. 
Research shows that students who enroll full-time, participate in work experience programs and have fewer financial stresses achieve higher grades than their peers, continue their education beyond their first year at a higher rate than typical students, transfer to four-year colleges or are better prepared to enter the local workforce.
“I’m excited that our Pledge program will be placing students squarely at the intersection of education, opportunity and success,” Kinnamon stated.