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Veterans Resource Center


You Can Help Returning Veterans Transition Into A New Career

College of the Desert supports over 350 veterans who served in all branches of the US military, many of whomhave recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the primary issues facing combat veterans is the social isolation they feel when they return from combat. Many veterans have difficulty adjusting to civilian life, much less adjusting to the academic rigor and social atmosphere of an active college campus.

BIGHORN Golf Club Charities Veterans Resource Center

College of the Desert has had a Veterans Services Program on campus since 1973. Thanks to support from BIGHORN Golf Club Charities, a newly expanded Veterans Resource Center opened in 2013, providing students who are veterans and their families easy access to all student services (Financial Aid, Admissions & Records, Career & Transfer Center, etc.) and the College Bookstore.
YOU CAN change lives at College of the Desert with a gift to support student success for military veterans and their dependents. Your gift will help students who are military veterans receive help and support they need to access their VA benefits as well as academic and counseling support, and peer-to-peer camaraderie.
Scholarships for Veterans: At the start of 2015, only ten scholarships for veterans were available for more than 350 veterans enrolled. Read about how recent gifts are helping expand scholarships and how YOU CAN help, click here.  
Academic Counseling: Counselors in the Veterans Center provide academic, career, and  personal counseling services and help students develop  education plans, offer study skill and career  development workshops, and make referrals  to mental health services as needed.  
Mental Health Services: A psychological  services counselor in the Veterans Center helps students address  mental health issues related to adjusting  to college life and the stress of returning  from combat, such as PTSD, combat stress,  and integration. More help is needed to expand these important services.
Your gift will help students who are military veterans receive help and support they need to transition into a new career.


If you would like to discuss opportunities to support work study at COD, contact the COD Foundation today at 760-773-2561 or
See how donor support and the veteran services center is helping Zackariah advance into his future career at COD. Click Here: